2024 Meta Quest 4: Review, Release Date, Feature & Specs

2024 Meta Quest 4: Everything Needs to Know! Today we are explaining to you Meta Quest 4 Details. As soon as Officially Released on Meta Quest 4 in the market. There are so many people using the Meta Quest. Qualcomm plans to make Meta’s Llama 2 AI available on Snapdragon-based devices in 2024. Meta’s Quest 3 will feature a powerful, new Snapdragon chip.

The Quest 4 will include OLED dual displays and a pancake lens stack for the headpiece, possibly pointing to a Quest 2 successor rather than the business-oriented Quest Pro. The Quest 4 VR headset will be compact and lightweight. Similar to how Brad Lynch’s computer-aided design gives the headpiece a rounded look.

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Is Meta Quest coming out with a new version?

Now that Meta’s Connect event of 2024 has come and gone, the Meta Quest 3 is official. It will be released in October 2024. And it looks to be everything that fans hoped for and even more.

2024 Meta Quest 4: Release Date

Are you Searching here when coming to the 2024 Meta Quest 4 in the Market? Don’t worry. Here is this Content we are Providing you with an expected Upcoming Release Date. That is a time when there is no official information coming. But, the Authority of Meta asked us as soon as we came to the Market. The 2024 Meta Quest 4 Release Date is the middle of 2024 (Expected). You May Also Read: 2023 Meta Quest 3

Key Features of Meta Quest 4 2024

Resolution 1.920 x 1.800 pixels per eye
Refresh Rate 120Hz
Display engine Dual OLED
Lenses Pancake
Field-of-view 105º+ Horizontal
RAM 8-12GB
Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon XR3
GPU Adreno 730 with 2.4 Teraflops
Storage 512GB
Connectors USB-C and WIFI 6E
Battery Life 3+ hours
Interactivity Controller, hand gesture, and voice control
Audio Dual 3.5mm mini-Jack outputs, 3D audio from integrated headset speakers, and an integrated microphone array

Meta Quest 4 RAM & Storage

The Quest 4’s RAM and storage options can be expanded to 512GB SSD and 12GB RAM. No information is provided on whether these features are related to the base model or the highest configuration of the headset. Quest 2 was launched in 2020, and displays have made major technological advances since then. The pancake lens will undoubtedly be implemented on Quest 4 devices. As a result, the Quest 4 will be more comfortable, lighter, and thinner.

Meta Quest 4 Price

2024 Meta Quest 4 Feature:

  • Meta Quest 4 will feature the highest resolution display of any Meta headset and custom pancake lenses for a 40 percent sharper image. Meta has not yet announced the exact resolution of the display, but an early web store listing and strings in the Quest firmware suggest that the Quest 3 will offer a single LC display with a resolution of 2,064 by 2,208 pixels per eye (almost 30 percent more pixels than the Quest 2).
  • A next-generation Snapdragon chip co-developed with Qualcomm promises to more than double the GPU performance of the Quest 2’s Snapdragon XR2, and a new cooling solution should unlock even more performance.
  • The Meta Quest 4’s housing has a 40 percent thinner profile than the Quest 2, resulting in a sleeker look and improved comfort.

How much does Meta Quest 4 cost?

Here, we are Providing you with the Meta Quest 4 Price. The price for the standard 128-gigabyte model is $499. A model with more storage will be announced later this year. Due to better and newer technology, Meta Quest 3 will be more expensive than Quest 4, which currently starts at $299. For this reason, Quest 4 will not be replaced by Quest 4 for now and will continue to be sold after its release.

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