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Fluffy French Bulldog: Price, Breed Profile, Picture & Information

Fluffy French Bulldog: Price, Breed Profile, Picture & Treatment! Welcome to our website today we are Ready to Explain about French Bulldogs. People are known that French Bulldog is the most popular Breed in the World. There are so many Country peoples who are like this Breed. The most expensive French Bulldog color is the Fluffy Frenchie, which typically costs $12,000 or more.

This is because it is one of the rarest, and it takes a lot of care and special breeding techniques to produce these puppies. Nevertheless, it is highly prized by breeders and owners due to its rarity. There are some who carry a gene that gives them slightly long, fluffy hair. This gene is known as the LH gene and is naturally present in the French Bulldog population. However, it is quite rare, which makes the fluffy French Bulldog even rarer.

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How Much Does A French Bulldog Puppy Cost?

While the average French Bulldog puppy costs between $1,500 and $4,500, highly reputable breeders using distinct bloodlines can drive prices up to $30,000! Breeders use many factors to determine the price of their puppies, with some dog traits or characteristics commanding a higher price than others.

Fluffy French Bulldog Pic

Stay away from suspiciously low-priced French Bulldog puppies, as these puppies may come from backyard breeders, puppy mills, or scammers who sell non-existent puppies online. You May Also Read: French Bulldog Price in USA 2023

Look for French Bulldog breeders who:

  • Screen their dogs for genetic diseases, including hip and elbow dysplasia and patellar luxation.
  • Provide proof of health screenings and health clearances.
  • Can provide references that can vouch for the quality of their puppies.
  • Are knowledgeable about the French Bulldog breed standard and willing to answer all your questions about the breed before making a purchase.
  • Have a good reputation with previous buyers, other breeders, and veterinarians.
  • Follow ethical breeding practices and provide puppies that are properly socialized and healthy.
  • Willingly provide contracts that explain your rights as a buyer and the breeder’s responsibilities.
  • Can provide proof of a puppy’s pedigree, including its parents’ health testing and other relevant information.
  • Ensure the pups have had all the necessary shots, vaccination, deworming, and anti-parasite treatments.

French Bulldogs come in various colors and patterns, with some typical to the breed and others a rare and valuable trait. Interestingly, more valuable Frenchies don’t qualify for AKC (American Kennel Club) show competitions, so if you want to run the ring with your French Bulldog, choose a pup with a standard coat.

Standard Frenchie coat colors include:

  • White
  • Fawn (ranging from light fawn to a red fawn)
  • Cream (eggshell white)

Rare Frenchie coat colors include:

  • Blue (silver or gray)
  • Lilac (pale gray-brown)
  • Chocolate

Standard Frenchie coat patterns include:

  • Pied (white fur with patches of brown or black, especially around the face)
  • Brindle (striped fur with light and dark coloring)

Rare Frenchie coat patterns include:

  • Merle (light fur with dark patches and spots all over)
  • Trindle (three-color coat with brindle)

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