iOS 18.1 Beta: Release Date, Price, Feature & Profile Download link

iOS 18.1 Beta: Release Date, Price, Feature & Profile Download link! Today we are sharing with you about Apple’s New Operating System iOS 18.1 Beta. As soon as it is avaliable to iOS 18.1 Beta in the Market. A large number of people are using Apple Brands. And always making very Powerful Handset for their Customer. An iOS 18.1 Beta update follows Apple’s practice of making changes that work for many iPhone users. Apple’s iOS 18 beta runs on many devices, including some older ones. You can be sure that you’ll be able to use everything that iOS 18 Beta Download offers.

Apple keeps up its reputation for being inclusive by supporting a wide range of devices for iOS 18 Beta. There are so many Apple users are want to Update their Operating System Apple iOS 18 Beta 1. So, get Ready to update to iOS 18 Beta and find an entirely new level of innovation and possibilities, no matter what kind of iPhone you endure.

Now, we are Ready to Explain the iOS Beta 18.1 Details. Just Read the full Content and also Collect the Details about the iOS Beta.

iOS 18.1 Beta Release Date:

Are you Searching here when it comes to iOS 18.1 Beta in the market? Don’t worry. In this Content, we are Providing you with an expected Upcoming Release Date. Now, there is no official information when coming. But, an Authority of Apple asking us that as soon as it comes to the Market. iOS 18.1 Beta Release Date is September 2024 (Expected). You May Also Read: iOS 18 Beta

2024 iOS 18 Beta Features

In iOS 18 Beta 2024, Apple will introduce many intriguing new features to improve the user experience and enhance functionality. The following are some notable additions:

  • Dual Sense Adaptive Trigger Support

Dual Sense adaptive trigger firmware is now supported on iPhone X in iOS 18. With this feature, users get haptic feedback about their in-game activities, enhancing their immersion in the game. Using a bowstring or a virtual item as tension or resistance to change the game’s experience is possible on the iPhone X.

  • Location Display in Camera 

iPhone X users can now display their location using their smartphone’s camera. Users can superimpose digital content on actual environments using augmented reality (AR) apps. AR experiences get a whole new level with the ability to display location information in the camera viewfinder.

  • Enhanced Wallet App

The Wallet app gets a significant upgrade in iOS 18. There is one noteworthy improvement in the app that includes sizable and prominent “Request” and “Send” buttons. Apple Cash cards make it easier for consumers to handle transactions and transfers by giving them rapid access to their financial transactions.

  • Siri Notification Interaction

The Siri notification interface has been improved in iOS 18. Now users can respond to incoming alerts with voice commands when Siri reads them aloud. Without touching the device directly, this hands-free method makes controlling alerts and staying informed easier.

  • Podcast App Storage Management

Some new features in Apple iOS 18 Beta might improve storage management in the Podcast app. This feature helps consumers organize their podcast collections while taking advantage of their devices’ maximum capacity.

  • Refined Memories Feature

This change shows that Apple cares about moral and ethical ways of using technology alongside sensitive and historically significant subjects. These attractive new features were added to Apple’s smartphone OS with iOS 18. Through each new iOS version, Apple tries to add changes that improve the user experience and give customers fresh methods to use and enjoy their devices.

Apple iOS 18 Beta Supported Devices:

This new version of iOS 18 Beta is compatible with all iPhone models, including older iPhone models, like the original iPhone SE and iPhone 6s. Below is a list of devices that are compatible with iOS 18 Beta.

iPhone 12 iPhone 12 mini
iPhone 12 Pro iPhone 12 Pro Max
iPhone 11 Pro iPhone SE (2020)
iPhone 11 Pro Max iPhone 11
iPhone XS iPhone XS Max
iPhone XR iPhone X
iPhone 8 iPhone 8 Plus
iPhone 7 iPhone 7 Plus
iPhone 6s iPhone 6s Plus
iPhone 14 Pro Max (2022) iPod touch (12th Generation)

How to Instal iOS 18 Beta Profile?

After preparing your device for the iOS 18 Beta and downloading your profile, you can follow this guide to install your profile.

  • You must download the iOS 18 beta profile (links above) to your device.
  • Go to Settings — “General” — “Profile” to access the profile.
  • By entering the device’s password, you can install the selected profile
  • It’s time to reboot
  • Later go to Settings — General — Software Update on your device.
  • Finally, install the update.

How to Install iOS 18 Beta IPSW?

  • Before attempting these steps, follow our guide to prepare your device for the iOS 18 Beta.
  • From the links above, you can download the iOS 18 IPSW file.
  • Don’t forget to back up your devices.
  • You can turn off Find My iPhone on your iPhone or iPad by going to Settings -> Apple ID -> iCloud -> Find My iPhone -> Off.
  • Start Finder or iTunes on your computer, then connect your iPhone or iPad. To access the Summary screen, tap the iPhone / iPad button.
  • If you’re using Windows, hold the Shift key and click the button Restore iPhone while holding the Option key.
  • You can install iOS 18 using iTunes by selecting the IPSW file you downloaded earlier.
  • The iOS 18 beta is now available for download and installation. In the comments below, please let us know if you have any questions.

Do you want to more information about iOS 18.1 Beta?, just Comment here? We solve your problem as soon as possible. Finally, we are very happy to Explain it. Thanks for staying with us.

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