Oppo Air Glass 3: First Look, Release Date, Price & Specs

Oppo Air Glass 3: First Look, Release Date, Price & Specs! Today, we are sharing with you about an OPPO New Air Glass. OPPO is the most Powerful Brand in the World. An OPPO Menufecture Alwyes making Super Handset, Air Glass & more. New OPPO Air Glass 3 Supported is an AI-powered smart glasses with a GPT assistant, AR, voice calls, and more. The Oppo Air Glass 3 has in-frame speakers for calls and app interactions.

To improve privacy and the quality of the user experience, Oppo uses what it calls “reverse sound field technology.” Supposedly, people around you won’t be able to hear what’s coming from the Glass 3’s speakers. Powerful air glasses are now available in the local market. Among all of the Air Glasses, OPPO is so Good. The Authority of an OPPO hopes New Air Glass 3 also gets its Supermarket.

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Oppo Air Glass 3 Release Date:

Are you Searching here when coming to Oppo Air Glass 3 in the Market? Don’t worry. In this context, we provide you with what you expected Upcoming Release Date. There is no official information available about when it is coming. But, an Authority of an OPPO is asking that as soon as possible. The Oppo Air Glass 3 Release Date is mid-December 2024 (expected). You May Also Read: Oppo f23 Pro 2024

Oppo Air Glass 3 Specs:

OPPO Air Glass 3 weighs 50 grams and has a maximum eye brightness of over 1,000 nits. The smart glass also supports touch interaction, which can control functions including music playback, voice calls, information display, and color image browsing OPPO Air Glass 3.

As for functions, the Oppo Air Glass 3 covers the basics of voice calls, music playback, and color image browsing. In future versions, Oppo plans to add teleprompter, navigation, timer, translation, and health and fitness information.

To function, the current prototype of Oppo Air Glass 3 needs to be paired with a modern Oppo phone with ColorOS 13 or above. Controlling the glasses is done via touch pads on the frames.

Oppo Air Glass 3 Price in USA:

In this Content, we are sharing about an Air Glass 3 Price in the USA. Everyone knows that Price is the most important issue for buying the OPPO Air Glass 3. Here we are Provide you an expected Price. Oppo Air Glass 3 Price in USA is $1,099.99.

If you want more information about an Air Glass 3, just comment here? We solve your problem as soon as possible. Finally, we are very happy to explain about it. Thanks for staying with us.

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