Starlink Internet 2024: Review, Plans, Pricing, and Speeds

StarLink Specification 2024! Welcome to our website in this Content, we are sharing about StarLink Specification. Everyone we are knows that Starlink provides a two-way satellite-based internet service Package receivable with a Starlink user terminal, Wi-Fi router, power supply, and mount. The Starlink Kit and Services are novel, under development, and subject to change. Starlink performance goals will be amended by SpaceX from time to time based on experience and innovation.

What is Starlink?

SpaceX’s Starlink Internet is a low Earth orbit (LEO) satellite internet provider from the mind of Elon Musk. Starlink Internet offers unlimited data, above broadband speeds for most of its plans, and less latency than most satellite internet providers. Plus, it offers both residential fixed-location plans and portable satellite internet options. You May Also Read: 2024 Tesla Model 3


  • Starlink users typically experience download speeds between 25 and 220 Mbps, with a majority of users experiencing speeds over 100 Mbps. Upload speeds are typically between 5 and 20 Mbps. Latency ranges between 25 and 60 ms on land, and 100+ ms in certain remote locations (e.g. Oceans, Islands, Antarctica, Alaska, Northern Canada, etc.). These speeds make Starlink suitable for streaming, video calls, online gaming, and other typical household internet use.

Starlink Internet

  • Stated speeds below and the uninterrupted use of the Services is not guaranteed. Actual speeds may be lower than expected speeds during times of high usage. Performance varies based on location, time of day, and the precedence Starlink gives your data in the network based on your Service Plan. Please see our Fair Use Policy for more information on how Starlink treats Standard, Priority, Mobile, and Mobile Priority data and how that impacts your Services under each Plan.

Expected speeds per service plan:

AVAILABILITY ≥99% ≥99% ≥99% ≥99%
DOWNLOAD 25-100 Mbps 40-220 Mbps 5-50 Mbps 40-220 Mbps
UPLOAD 5-10 Mbps 8-25 Mbps 2-10 Mbps 8-25 Mbps
LATENCY* 25-60 ms 25-60 ms <99 ms <99 ms

Where is Starlink Internet available?

Starlink Internet is currently available to most of the continental US, with notable black spots across the South and West, especially for Starlink RV coverage.

Starlink Internet 2024

Starlink is also available in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. SpaceX is regularly launching more satellites (and Elon Musk is tweeting about them), which means its availability is continually expanding.

Starlink Plans and Pricing:

Plan Price* Speed Latency Equipment fee
Starlink Residential $90.00–$120.00/mo. 25–220Mbps 25–50ms $599.00
Starlink Business $250.00–$1,500.00/mo. Up to 220Mbps 25–50ms $2,500.00
Starlink Roam $150.00–$200.00/mo. 5–50Mbps 25–50ms $599.00–$2,500.00
Starlink Mobility $250.00–$5,000.00/mo. 220Mbps 25–50ms $2,500.00
Starlink Maritime $250.00/mo.–$5,000.00/mo. 220Mbps 100+ms $2,500.00

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