Google Pixel 9 Pro Review 2024: Release Date, Price, Feature & Specs

2024 Google Pixel 9 Pro: Release Date, Price, Feature & Specs! Google is the most powerful Smartphone Brand in the World. All the people in the country use these Google Brands. And the Authority of Google Alwyes making Super Handset for their Customer. So, that is a time they are also making this Handset. We’re still months away from the next generation of Pixel phones, but rumors are already emerging about what we’ll see when the Pixel 8 models arrive.

Now, there are so many Powerful smartphone Brands. Among all of the Smartphone Brands, Google is the best. Like the previous generation, the Pro will have a superior display and camera. Interestingly, the vanilla phone will be smaller than its predecessor. Let’s see them first. Who do the smartphone lovers want to buy a new Google device, the Pixel 9 Pro? Don’t worry. This is the super content for people’s greetings, including all of the information.

Google Handset Camera is so Special. Who are people who like to get a good selfie? Pixel 9 Pro Has 12GB RAM, 50MP Camera & 4950mAh Battery! If you want more information about these Google New Devices? Just read the full content and collect details.

2024 Google Pixel 9 Pro Price in USA:

Here, we are Providing these Pixel 9 Pro Prices in the USA. We know price is a big factor in buying this new Google device. Now. the start price of $649 or $699 – which would be a $50/100 increase on the last generation:

  • Google Pixel 7: $599/£599
  • Google Pixel 7 Pro: $899/£849
  • Google Pixel 6: $599/£599
  • Google Pixel 6 Pro: $899/£849

Google Pixel 9 Pro 2024 Release Date:

Someone is Searching for that when coming to the Pixel 9 Pro in the Market. The Authority of Google asked us that as soon as it Officially Announced when coming to this Handset in the Market. Here, we are Providing you with an Expected Upcoming Release Date. Some of the information has already been leaked to the Google authority. Google Pixel 9 Pro Release Date is mid on Dec 25, 2024 (Expected). You May Also Read: Google Pixel 8a Price in USA 2024

Google Pixel 9 Pro Specs:

These Google New Handset Pixel 9 Pro are all Parts available here. Google Pixel 9 Pro has all the available parts: display, battery, camera, storage, and connectivity. Now, we are Ready to Explain it.

Display: Welcome to the Handset Display Part. The new display will be slightly smaller than before at 6.17”, down from 6.3”. The resolution will remain at FHD+ (20:9); on the plus side, Google has chosen a brighter panel this year – 1,400 nits typical brightness, up from 1,000 nits.

Camera: Both models are getting a new sensor for their 50MP main cameras – the ISOCELL GN2 is replacing the GN1 found in the 7-series. This sensor is larger (1/1.12” vs. 1/1.31”), and it has bigger native pixels (1.4µm vs. 1.2µm). Binning down to 12.5MP (4-to-1) gives it an effective pixel size of 2.8µm.

Battery: The Google Pixel 9 Pro battery will remain at the same capacity (5,000mAh), but given the smaller dimensions of the Pixel 8, its capacity will probably go down (from 4,355mAh). The Pixel 9 appeared on WPC’s site, which lists it as supporting only 12W wireless charging. The Pixel 7 duo isn’t fast, but it can do 20/23W wirelessly, which is a surprise.

Storage: Pixel 9 Pro has the extra RAM – 12GB, according to some rumors (previous generations had 8GB). This will bring it on par with the Pro model. The new Tensor G3 chipset should also support faster UFS 4.0 storage.

If you want more information about Pixel 9 Pro, just Comment here? We solve your problem as soon as possible. Finally, we are very happy to explain the Pixel 9 Pro. Thanks for staying with us.

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